With True Feel Custom Guitar Pickups (WTF)
offers a wide variety of custom hand wound pickups and wiring choices. We offer single coil vintage style strat and tele pickups with your choice of alnico magnets and wire. You have a choice of vintage 42-gauge formvar, 42 gauge plain enamel, 42 gauge poly or 43 gauge plain enamel.

Our single coils can also be made hotter, similar to a Texas style pickup. They can be tapped and wired so you have the option of a vintage sound, or with the flip of a switch or pull pot you get the full impact of the hotter wind.

WTF Custom Pickups also offers a wide range of humbuckers. Again, your choice of magnets, pickup wire, split coil and numerous wiring possibilities are available.

You can order one pickup or a matched set or a pre-loaded pick guard. Many volume and tone control configurations are also available.

Satisfaction is always guaranteed!


If you want the sound and feel of a real vintage guitar but don't want to spend the money, we can set you up with a refurbished guitar with custom pickups, tuners...the works!--for a fraction of the cost.